Presenting our design store, which is full of useful assets for small businesses and individuals.

The 10011 © DESIGN STORE is live. You will find photoshop, illustrator, and pages assets. If you are looking for custom logo work, brand identity, or graphic design, email hire@10011.work.

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WORK BY 10011 is a creative/tech studio based in NYC. We specialize in web and mobile design and development, photography, creative direction, graphic design, and production. Founded in 2017 as a print magazine in Chelsea, we have developed meaningful relationships with creatives around the world. We leverage these relationships in our studio practice to create impactful digital and creative projects. In addition to bringing projects to life, we utilize our audience to further market our client work. In the past, we have partnered with brands and individuals such as MCQ, Miss Amazing, Richard Titus, and more. 
To get in touch about working with us, email hire@10011.work or contact here.